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June 8 at 8:30am

AO Scott & NYTimes LOVES “Dark Horse”!

Wow. When you love cinema and know how privileged you are to spend your life and labor creating work you love, how can you not give your all to your films? Even still, when you’ve worked hard, compromised your fees, dealt with errors and mistakes, problem people and people problems, you don’t always know it was worth it. Nothing tells you that it was like a good review in your hometown paper, particularly when your home is New York City.

I am thrilled with the love that has been bestowed upon our film DARK HORSE. We open today, at The Angelika in NYC. One screen. Hopefully we will play for months. Hopefully this review will fill the seats. Wow. Wow. Wow.

It’s nice when something you’ve worked years on, sacrificed a chunk of your fee on, that you’ve chosen to distribute, goes off and gets one of BEST REVIEWS EVER from AO Scott & the NY F’n Times!


“Mr. Solondz brilliantly — triumphantly — turns this impression on its head, transforming what might have been an exercise in easy satirical cruelty into a tremendously moving argument for the necessity of compassion.”

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