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September 5 at 8:15am

More Nice Plugs For My Book

By Ted Hope

I hope film fans everywhere find my book and dig it.  It is so hard to get the word out that I am particularly grateful whenever anyone writes something good about the book.  Evidently it makes a huge difference when someone posts a five-star Amazon review.  Hopefully those of you who read this blog and recognize how much effort has gone into it over the years, might just want to return the favor and post such a review.  Or even better yet, start a blog and post the review there too.

This week brought me some pleasure when two friends who have blogs posted their review.  I recognize the time commitment involved not just in reading the book but also choosing to write about it.  I was really glad to see that both Adam and Brian both dug the book.  I guess I just now need to find friends that have the other 24 letters in the alphabet who feel equally motivated and I am on my way.

Please give these reviews a look, and then buy yourself a book!

Cultural Weekly (Adam Leipzig) “Optimism is one of the hallmarks of a great producer. There are times during every film’s development when only the producer’s enthusiasm keeps the project alive. True to his name, Hope displays optimism in abundance, and it is a play on words he uses in the book’s title as well as his popular blog. “Though technically the word independent evokes isolationism, in reality, it’s about community,” he explains. 

Sub-genre (Brian Newman): “This look back at what he loved, what kept him involved and what he learned while producing some of the best indie films out there is truly a must-read for anyone interested in the industry, especially up and coming producers, of which we need many more who can fill Ted’s shoes (and those of his contemporaries like Christine Vachon, et al) and help make sure masterful films are made and seen today.”

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  1. Ryan Strandjord / Sep 5 at 8:15am

    Sold! Looking forward to diving into the new book this evening.

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