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June 9 at 11:32am

Let’s Make Films That Support The World We Live In

By Ted Hope

Vanessa just pointed me to The Bechdel Test:

  1. Does the film have two women with names in it?
  2. Do these two women talk to each other?
  3. Do they talk to each other about something other than a man?

What is particularly surprising is how few movies can pass this test.  Every screenwriter should give this thought before hitting the keyboards.  

And I should point out that although they claim ADVENTURELAND failed this test in that the women only talk about men, it passes;  Em (Kristen Stewart) talks to Francie (Mary Birdsong) about how much she hates her, and to Paulette (Kristen Wiig) about work.

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  2. mikuluk / Jun 9 at 11:32am

    I wrote several scripts that passed this test which never got made because, I was told, “movies have to be about the men.” Yes I was told that, literally.

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